About Us

Beyond compliance with ethical solutions.

We see data privacy as an ethical responsibility and not as mere compliance. We argue, that most businesses don’t need to invade customer’s privacy by collecting unreasonable amounts of personal information. By adopting ethical, non-invasive alternatives, businesses can leverage analytics and marketing tools while staying fully compliant with data privacy regulations.

Implementing ethical data privacy compliance is a business advantage that makes it easier to adapt to new regulatory requirements in the future and mitigates losses from data breaches. It is also becoming a consumer expectation, builds reputation and customer loyalty.

What does ethical mean?

The ethical approach to data privacy puts customer’s rights in the center and the technology revolves around it. In practice, it means that our tools collect only anonymized aggregates of data without any personally identifiable information, don’t use cookies, and don't use browser fingerprinting. As a result, our platform is GDPR compliant by design and you’re not required to ask for consent when using it.