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Dashboard web analytics

Web Analytics

Cookie-lessGoals and eventsConversion funnelsAdBlock detection
Easier to use than Google Analytics
Auto tracking of clicks and form submissions
Website performance tracking (web vitals)
No cookie banner required
Popups - survey

Popups Open Source

Email popupsSurveysProduct promotionsCustom popupsTargetingExit intent
Collect customer feedback with surveys
Collect email subscribers
Promote products and special offers
Connect with 3rd-party services
Available in two regions
EU European Union
US United States
Compliant with data privacy regulations.
No cross-border data transfers.

No cookies

Wiry tools don’t use cookies, nor other privacy-invasive mechanisms. With us, you’re not required to ask for consent on your website.

Faster websites

Our lightweight scripts load faster than bloated alternatives such as Google Analytics.


Besides privacy, Wiry is also a wallet-friendly alternative to analytics and website popups.

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