Acquire & delight customers

with cookie-less chat and support

All-in-one platform
Get started in 10 minutes
Easy to use and understand
Scales with your business
Privacy by design
GDPR compliant

Goodbye cookies

Remove those cookie banners because we have a better solution to GDPR compliance.

Start growing your business and loyal customer base with ethical, privacy-friendly solutions.

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Compatible with most websites
Simply integrate into any website with a <script> code.
Connect with 2,000+ apps
Available in two regions
EU European Union
US United States
Compliant with data privacy regulations.
No cross-border data transfers.

Chat with customers
using tools you already know.

Reply from Slack or simply send an email to a shared inbox. Delivered to customers via chat popup or email.

Easy-to-use, customizable chat popup on your website
Seamless multi-channel conversations
Turn your Slack into a first-class support suite
White-label without our branding
Chat popupSlack integrationEmail inbound
Support suiteShared inbox

Understand customers
with a simple dashboard.

Gain insights into your traffic and audience without following people around the internet. GDPR compliant without opt-in.

Easier to use than Google Analytics
Auto tracking of button clicks and form submissions
No cookie banner required
Cookie-lessGoals and eventsConversion funnelsHonoring DNTAdBlock detectionWebsite speed

Collect customer feedback
through targeted popups.

Increase engagement and conversion rates
with our smart popups.

Collect email subscribers
Collect customer feedback with surveys
Promote products and special offers
Email popupsSurveysProduct promotionsCustom popupsTargetingExit intent

Optimize website traffic
with short branded links.

Get more clicks and conversions with short URLs using a custom domain name and smart traffic routing.

Optimize traffic with smart routing and choice redirects
Build brand awareness and brand reputation
Now with emoji!
Custom domain nameTraffic routingEmojiChoice redirectUTM trackingSpam protection

Honor customer privacy
with GDPR compliant solutions.

Tackle compliance problems with our cookie-less platform, innovative privacy popup, and DSAR integration.

Easily resolve DSAR requests using our chat and support suite
Automated email and identity verification for DSAR
Includes a cookie popup, if you need it
Also works for CCPA and other regulations
Compliance by designCookie-less platformDSAR form

We don’t follow people around with cookies.

We’re a privacy-first company providing competitive business solutions to those,
who care about digital privacy and customer happiness.

Because happy customers
bring in 90% of revenue.

Remove cookie banners

Our tools don’t use cookies, nor other privacy-invasive mechanisms. With us, you’re not required to ask for consent on your website.

Make your website load faster

By consolidating multiple tools into one platform, our customers experience performance improvement on their websites.

Be cost-effective

All-in-one platform combined with our competitive pricing results in significant financial savings when compared to other services.

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